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Split Red Lentil Dhal With Fenugreek Sprouts

I finally got my order of Fenugreek seeds from Mumm’s last week + now I have a small batch of the most pungent delicious Fenugreek sprouts to munch on.

I decided to make some dhal tonight because I just need something comforting + soothing that can go well with the sprouts.

To make the dhal, I did the following:

Sauteed some onions (1/2 or 1 whole one) + a buttload of garlic (the more, the merrier for me!) with a mixture of butter + olive oil (I seriously need to hunker down + make more ghee when I’m not so damn lazy!).

Once it was nicely sauteed, I added about 1-2 tsp of cumin seeds + mustard seeds. Once the seeds popped, I added 2 tsp of turmeric, 2 tsp of coriander, 1 tsp of black pepper + 1 heaping tablespoon of tomato paste and stirred it all together to make a paste. *I also added a few tsp of Umeboshi plum vinegar for more of a tomato taste to it.*

Then I added 1 1/2 cups of split red lentils + topped with water + one sprig of bay leaf + cooked for 25-30 minutes.

And when it was ready, I seasoned *again* with Umeboshi Plum vinegar (it sounds weird but it has similar acidic component reminiscent of tomatoes) + some freshly squeezed lemon juice + topped with the freshly grown Fenugreek sprouts!

It was definitely a hit + a recipe I will do again + again!

~Till next time…

My Current Bedtime Book Read

I bought this book from my favorite online Canadian sprouting company, Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds.

I’m only 40 years old but I do know that eventually at some point, like all women, I will experience menopause. And everytime, I’ve perused Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds website, I often check out their book section and the book “Grow Your Own HRT – Sprout Hormone-Rich Greens In Only Two Minutes A Day” by Sally J. Duffell always grabs my attention.

I know that broccoli sprouts has about 10-90x more sulphoraphane than its regular broccoli counterpart. This compound is being heavily studied for its ability to detox the body + to prevent mny types of cancer. But I never thought to consider that sprouts could be rich in plant estrogen + plant progesterone that is helpful for balancing out women’s hormones especially during menopause.

I am still reading the book + I’m on Chapter 8 so far but holy moly, I’m learning a lot! I love the writer’s writing style. Humorous, intelligent + what I appreciate most is she did a lot of scientific research for her book! There are 410 citations to refer back to in case I want to read those specific research papers she has cited in her book.

So that’s been my bedtime reading lately.


‘Bougie’ Clover Sprout Open-Faced Sammy

Since the pandemic, I’ve been relaxing a little on the foods I normally don’t eat. I have psoriasis so certain foods can trigger it. Juicing is definitely out of the question at the moment because it’s expensive as fuck + it won’t satisfy me as much as real solid food.

So far, I’ve been OK to eat certain things like goat cheese (in moderation) + bread that’s not GF aka gluten-free.

OK so this bougie-ass sammy is the BOMB y’all + healthy too! I just learned that the fat in goat milk which is used to make goat cheese has MCT – medium chain tryglyceride fats that are utilized by the body for energy production. The fat molecules of goat milk are smaller than dairy, hence why it has been shown to be more digestible + easier for those who may not be able to tolerate cow dairy.

But I’m sure you just want me to show you the steps I went through to make this bomb-ass open-faced sandwich instead of babbling on about MCT right? LOL!

So first thing first, I actually mixed about 1 tablespoon of homemade ghee with 1 tsp of good quality olive oil and added a pinch of garlic powder, onion powder + black pepper and let that concoction sit at room temp until the oil mixture softened.

Then I brushed the ghee + olive oil concoction on two slices of multigrain bread.

Mixture of homemade ghee, olive oil, garlic powder, onion powder + black pepper brushed on multigrain bread

I added thin slices of Gouda goat cheese from a local goat farm called Happy Days Dairies Ltd + put it in the oven to toast at 350 degrees for about 5-7 minutes. And once done toasting, I added my homegrown clover sprouts on top.

Topped with thin slices of Gouda goat cheese. Yum!!!
After taking out of the oven, topped with my homegrown clover sprouts! Delicious!

The taste is divine + subtle. Hints of garlic, black pepper + onion mixed in with ghee, olive oil, then the soft taste of Gouda goat cheese, with the mild sweetness of clover sprouts just hits the spot! I have a feeling I will be having this several times a week, it’s that good!

So that’s that folks! Happy eating + happy sprouting!

Grounding Through The Feet Meditation Practice

Hello hello! I’ve just recently posted a new meditation on my YouTube channel: Embodied Practices with Marlo .

This practice is an awesome way to ground yourself when you feel hyper, unsteady, overwhelmed or you simply can’t sit still to meditate.

I encourage you to do this practice several times and once you’re comfortable, to modify it based on your personal needs. You can speed it up if you’re short on time or slow it down if you really want to get super grounded.

You can even do this informally such as when you’re waiting in a line-up, let’s say the grocery store or the post office or even while waiting for your coffee. The world is your oyster my friend + play with this practice + be curious!

Here’s a link to my meditation blog and here’s the video found below!

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Thanks for listening!

Sprouted Fava Bean Falafels

I’ve been having bad luck trying to grow my Fava Bean microgreens which is making me really frustrated! Twice now, I noticed that they are just not growing as well as in the past. Have I lost my touch? What the fuck is going on?

Well at least my worms are happy. I’ve been tossing them into my worm bin so that the worms can eat the scraps, win for them, lose for me. 😦

So rather than grow fava bean micros, I’m going to use the rest of my batch of dried fava beans to make some sprouted recipes such as a Fava Bean falafels.

DID YOU KNOW: In Egypt, falafels are often made with fava beans rather than chickpeas.

OK Step 1: First thing first, I soaked and sprouted some fava beans. I did an overnight soak and then sprouted them for about 2-3 days until their tails started to show. The amount I ended up with was 1 1/2 cups of sprouted fava beans.

Step 2: I placed my sprouted fava beans into the food processor along with 1/4 cup of white onion, 2 cloves of garlic, 3/4 tsp of cumin powder, 1/4 tsp black pepper, 1/4 tsp of garlic powder, 1/4 tsp of onion powder and processed it until almost completely smooth.

Step 3 Third image on the right above: Place the fava bean falafel mixture in a container and refrigerate overnight so that it sets for baking/frying the next day.

Step 4 Prep the oven at 350 degrees F and while the oven is getting ready, take a spoonful of falafel mixture and shape into balls. Then place on a baking sheet and brush with avocado oil (it has a higher smoke point). Bake until golden brown. Alternatively, you can fry them up but you gotta make sure that your oil is super hot before cooking the falafels so they don’t stick.

And here is the end result once I baked them!

I didn’t have any pita bread on hand so instead I made a fava bean falafel bowl. I sauteed half a zuchinni, 1/2 an onion and some radish and also threw in some day-old brown rice. Sauteed for a good 5-10 minutes and then seasoned with salt and pepper.

For the dressing, I blended a handful of cashews, a drizzle of olive oil, flax oil, splash of water, 1/2 tsp of dark miso paste, 1/2 tsp of garlic and onion powder and blitzed it in my Vitamix.

And here is my meal! It’s delicious, vegetarian and vegan-friendly although I’m neither of those two and full of flavor!

Till next time, happy eating everyone!

Snack Time – Sprouted Crimson Lentils

A few days back I was rummaging through one of my cupboards where I keep some of my seeds for outdoor gardening + to my surprise, I found a small stash of Crimson Lentils from my favorite sprouting company, Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds

Yass! Thank you Sprout Deities, you have clearly heard my wish for some sprouted lentils!

After a much needed happy dance, I tossed the crimson lentils into my trusty Easy Sprout Sprouter + soaked them for about 6 hours + then rinsed + drained them twice a day for 3 days.

And the end results? Oh man, these crimson lentils are in my opinion food of the gods. Just a hint of earthiness + sweetness with some crunch. I seasoned with sea salt, a drizzle of olive oil + ume plum vinegar + it was dynamic! I am now seriously considering buying a 5kg bag of these from Mumm’s even though I have a few orders that I’m already waiting for. Yes, I get a little obsessed with seeds. Some ladies love diamonds, but me, I prefer organic seeds from Mumm’s.

DID YOU KNOW: According to Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds website, lentils are a rich source of folate, manganese, thiamin, iron, phosphorus + copper. They are also rich in protein + one of the easiest seeds to sprout.

If you get your hands on some good quality lentils, I encourage you to try sprouting them. They taste so fresh + revitalizing!

P.S I just realized that since I’ve been ranting + raving about Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds throughout my blog, that it may come across as though I’m a paid affiliate. I just wanted to clarify that I am not a paid affiliate of Mumm’s. I just happen to support them because they are a Canadian company + I live a few provinces over + love supporting Canadian companies where possible.

~Till next time, happy sprouting!